Personal Information Protection Policy

 Regarding the protection of all personal information that we handle in our work, which includes product design and the planning and production of PR and advertising materials, we are fully aware of our social obligations and abide by legislation relating to the protection of individual rights and personal information. Furthermore, we hereby declare that we shall build a personal information protection management system in order to realize the policy described below and, while keeping a constant watch on the latest IT trends, changes in social requirements, shifts in the business environment, and so on, make companywide efforts toward continuous improvement.

  1. *We shall limit our acquisition, use, and supply of personal information to the scope necessary for the proper execution of our work, which includes product design and the planning and production of PR and advertising materials, and for the recruitment of employees and personnel management. We shall not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary for attainment of the specified purpose of use.
  2. *We shall abide by legislation relating to personal information, guidelines stipulated by the government, and other standards, including the Personal Information Protection Act and the requirements for personal information protection management systems of the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS Q 15001:2006).
  3. *Regarding the risk of leakage, loss, defamatory use, etc. of personal information, we shall invest management resources consistent with the business situation and continuously enhance our personal information security setup so as to adopt rational security countermeasures and prevent such risk. In the unlikely event of an incident occurring, we shall promptly take corrective measures.
  4. *We shall respond swiftly, sincerely, and appropriately to complaints and consultations regarding our handling of personal information.
  5. *In view of changes in the environment surrounding our company, we shall revise our personal information protection management system in a timely and appropriate manner and promote its continuous improvement.

We shall distribute this policy to all of our employees to raise their awareness and take steps to ensure that it is available to anyone at any time, including posting it on our website and in our pamphlets.

Established October 29, 2004
Revised June 25, 2015
Takashi Shimizu
President, TDK Design Inc.

For inquiries relating to our personal information protection policy, please contact the following:
Personal Information Complaints and Consultations Desk, TDK Design Inc.

5F Kato Building , 2-1-14 Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0027
Tel.: 03-3278-2520; from overseas +81-3-3278-2520; Fax: 03-3278-2521; from overseas +81-3-3278-2521 (09:00?18:00 Japan time*)
*Inquiries received on Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese national holidays and during the New Year holidays and the holiday period at the end of April and beginning of May will be handled as soon as possible after the resumption of business.

Privacy Mark
TDK Design has received the Privacy Mark from the Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC), which certifies that we are a company that handles personal information in an appropriate manner.